The National Parks Experience Collection

Part of The Discover England Fund Project - welcoming international visitors to Northumberland

During 2018 & 2019, Northumberland Tourism have been working in partnership with the Northumberland National Park to develop the ‘National Parks Experience Collection’. The project, which is part of the Discover England Fund, aims to increase the number of international visitors to England, by supporting local businesses to create immersive experiences which will appeal to international visitors.

Below you can find a range of supporting documents to help you on your journey to becoming travel trade and international visitor ready. Feel free to download the documents and use the information to help you develop your business.

More supporting information and document, including a full toolkit can be found on the National Park Experience Collection website.
From concept to delivery, these are useful resources for developing authentic tourism experiences and marketing them to the international trade.


Download this file (Germany - Market Profile - English National Park Experience copy.pdf)Germany - Market Landscape[Germany - Market Landscape]515 kB653 Downloads
Download this file (Australia - Market Landscape - English National Park Experience copy.pdf)Australia - Market Landscape[Australia - Market Landscape]518 kB571 Downloads
Download this file (German and Australian markets STE.pdf)Understanding German and Australian Markets[Understanding German and Australian Markets]1352 kB652 Downloads
Download this file (Pricing toolkit for businesses.pdf)Pricing guidelines and how to set your pricing [Pricing guidelines and how to set your pricing]504 kB624 Downloads
Download this file (Intro to booking systems.pdf)Intro to booking systems[Intro to booking systems]390 kB1697 Downloads
Download this file (Travel Trends Report 2019.pdf)Travel Trends Report 2019[Travel Trends Report 2019]15376 kB502 Downloads

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response: Support to Business

COVID-19: Guidance for Businesses

Information for UK tourism businesses affected by COVID-19 including links to Government guidance, financial assistance and other resources.



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