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Business Survey

January 2016 saw our first annual Business Survey, replacing the quarterley surveys previously undertaken. By doing one survey a year, we aim to increase the number of businesses taking part, whilst minimising the impact on everyone's time.

The aim is to monitor different aspects of Northumberland's tourism industry, performance in the year just past and getting an indication of confidence for the coming year. It also gives businesses the opportunity to feed back about Northumberland Tourism's activity and help shape the activity for the year ahead.

The wordcloud below depicts the answers given to the question 'What are the priorities when promoting Northumberland?'


 wordcloud priorities for promotion


Market town research

There has been quite a lot of research done into the behaviour and motivations of tourists. And we’re more than happy to share this all with you to help you understand how your customers a little bit better.

Please use the following links to download the documents.


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