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STEAM is a tourism economic impact modelling process which enables us to measure tourism using local data, tourism performance and visitor survey data. We complete the report each year and the results allow Northumberland Tourism and Northumberland County Council to monitor the impact of tourism across Northumberland.

The research that we gain from the report allows us to establish the impact of our activity and helps us to develop and grow.

10.68 million people visited Northumberland in 2019. This was up by 2% on 2018.


Each year we embark on the mammoth task that is reviewing and updating our records, to ensure that the report is as accurate as possible. All accommodation providers in Northumberland (that we are aware of) are listed in our system; we update the report on a yearly basis to reflect any changes in pricing and bedstock as well as closures of properties and new accommodation providers in the county.


<< Download Steam Final Trend Report for 2009-2019 (4MB) >>


Download this file (2019 STEAM OVERVIEW.pdf)STEAM 2019 - Highlights[STEAM 2019 Highlights]168 kB34 Downloads
Download this file (2018 STEAM OVERVIEW.pdf)2018 STEAM - Highlights[STEAM 2018 - Highlights]64 kB466 Downloads
Download this file (2017 STEAM highlights.pdf)STEAM 2017 - Headlines[STEAM 2017 - Headlines]164 kB581 Downloads
Download this file (STEAM 2016 headlines.pdf)STEAM 2016 - Headlines[STEAM 2016 - Highlights]107 kB861 Downloads
Download this file (STEAM 2015 headlines.pdf)STEAM 2015 - Headlines[STEAM 2015 - Highlights]76 kB1682 Downloads

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