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Here is a list of documents, forms and presentations discussed at the Marketing Partner meetings.

Click the relevant PDF to download.

Download this file (Northumberland Tourism Marketing Plan 2017-18.pdf)Northumberland Tourism Marketing Plan 2017-18.pdf[ ]4193 kB2146 Downloads
Download this file (NTGF International Marketing - annoted for delegates - Northumberland.pdf)International Marketing Workshop[ ]19005 kB272 Downloads
Download this file (Brand presentation Partners Marketing and PR Group.ppt)Independent Spirit Brand Awareness Presentation[ ]3322 kB428 Downloads
Download this file (Northumberland Tourism Marketing Strategy 2015-2020.pdf)Northumberland Tourism Marketing Strategy 2015-2020.pdf[ ]239 kB1647 Downloads
Download this file (Making the Most of Your Website Listing.pdf)Making the Most of Your Website Listing[ ]201 kB328 Downloads
Download this file (How can you work with us.pdf)Marketing - How you can work with us?[ ]387 kB350 Downloads
Download this file (Campaign-Partner-Active-Spirit.pdf)Active Spirit Campaign[ ]441 kB513 Downloads
Download this file (Final Campaign Ads Collated.pdf)Campaign Artwork[ ]733 kB839 Downloads
Download this file (Campaign-Partner-Taste-Nland-2013.pdf)Food Campaign proposal[ ]536 kB453 Downloads
Download this file (NT Partner MPR Group Terms of Reference.pdf)Terms of Reference[ ]399 kB693 Downloads
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