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Become an England's Coast Ambassador Today

Northumberland workshopEngland’s Coast Ambassador is a FREE online training programme that will put you one step ahead by enhancing your knowledge of the coast, improve your customer service and help understand the needs of international visitors.

What is England’s Coast Ambassador?

An online customer service and product knowledge course. The first part focuses on International Visitors and Customer Service.

You can then choose one of the coastal destination modules to learn more about the attractions on offer in your local area.

After all your lessons are complete, it’s quiz time!


Who's it for?

For any staff working in tourism businesses along the coast, especially if you have a customer facing role.


Why should I do it?

In under an hour, you can become an England’s Coast Ambassador!

Come and put your knowledge to the test:

• Increase your expertise on your local area

• Improve your customer service skills

• Understand the needs of international visitors

• Beat the competition

• Gain Ambassador status and show off your certificate!


Sign up to be an England’s Coast Ambassador today - 


Become an Ambassador in 3 easy steps!

1. Visit the website and register 

To take part you need to register and create an account. Once registered, you can come back to the site whenever you want to.

2. Welcoming International Visitors

This compulsory module tells you more about international visitors, the key markets for the coast and how to respond to their needs.

3. Choose your region

The product knowledge part of the programme is divided into distinctive regions. Learn more about your region and what it can offer visitors.


Get involved, join for free!

If you’re an accommodation provider or place to eat within 5 miles of the coast or an attraction, activity or local transport provider within 15 miles of the coast, simply visit:


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