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Daylight Savings Bill – do you support it?

campaign-for-lighter-eveningsThe tourism industry nationally is pushing for longer, lighter evenings. If you want it too, now's the time to ask your MP to vote on Jan 20.


On Jan 20 the third reading of the Daylight Savings Bill takes place. The proposal is for a 3 year trial of Single/Double Summer Time, moving clocks ahead 2 hours in the summer, and 1 hour in the winter. This would lead to much lighter evenings, and the hope is it would better suit visitors. See the leaflet for full details. (Attachment below.)

The national Tourism Alliance supports the proposal and urges:

'Regardless of the Government's support, there still needs over 100 MPs in the House on 20th January 2012 if the Daylight Saving Bill is to pass through this final stage in the House of Commons before going to the House of Lords.

Therefore, could everyone please write/talk to your MP/Ministerial contacts, APPG's etc - stating your support for the Bill, requesting theirs, and asking that they turn up on Jan 20th to vote in favour of it.

Download this file (Daylight Saving Proposal.pdf)Daylight Saving Proposal.pdf[ ]44 kB676 Downloads
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