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Energy Performance Certificate

Changes to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations come into force on the 30th June 2011. These certificates will now be required for some self catering properties.


Currently anyone selling or renting a property to a tenant requires an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), but properties used as holiday lets have traditionally been exempt. New government guidelines due to come into force on the 30th June 2011 now require any property being rented out as a dwelling for a 4 months or more in any 12 to have an EPC this includes properties being tenanted out for holiday usage. The official guidelines and the definitions provided within it still don't make the situation totally clear.

Shropshire Tourism have asked the government for clarification on the following points:-

1. What is the situation regarding properties that are subject to Section 106 agreements with local authorities actually prohibiting residential (dwelling) use.

2. What is the situation regarding a 'letting' where there is no tenancy agreement – either verbal or written – as is the case with most short term holiday lets of a few days or even a couple of weeks.

3. Does the 4 month tenancy rule have to be a single tenant – what is the situation where there are multiple individuals using a property whom collectively make up the occupancy of the four month period in any 12.

4. What is the legal definition of a tenant, a dwelling and tenancy agreement in this instance.

Visit England has also been asked to assist in getting the matter clarified as soon as possible. You may wish to contact your MP for their assistance too. Our advice is to wait until the above points have been clarified and not to proceed with an EPC at this stage until they have.

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