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We're still working hard to ensure promotion of Northumberland in the national and regional press. One way that we do this is to encourage newspapers to send journalists to visit the county so that they can then write articles based on their experiences. Unfortunately most papers are cutting their budgets, and we've also experienced major funding cuts, so we rely on accommodation providers hosting these journalists – and they'll usually include information about where they stayed in their article.


If you would consider hosting a journalist in the future please do let us know – we'll keep a list of businesses and then contact you if a suitable trip comes up.

In the meantime, we currently have two press trips being planned that need hosting. If you are interested in working with us on either of these please let Jude know on 01670 794 521.

Scottish News of the World, July 2nd – 7th

The journalist is visiting the coast with his family to spend time learning to surf. The article will be a colour double page spread The Scottish News of the World boasts a circulation of 233,100 and their website (which will also feature the article) gets 18,000 hits per day.

The Hartlepool Mail, June 24th – 27th

This article will feature in their Saturday travel section taking up most of a full colour page. The paper has a circulation of around 15,000 each day. The focus is on Bamburgh and the surrounding area and again the journalist is happy to write about the accommodation in the article and a fact box with contact details will be included.

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