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Northumberland is a magical place filled with ancient castles, hidden gardens, unspoilt golden sandy beaches, rolling hills, rugged moorland, sweeping views, friendly little market towns and villages and a cultural heritage all of our own. A county of contrasts, Northumberland is a place where unrivalled scenery is often marked by turbulent, bloody warfare and this land has been violently fought over for more than 2,000 years. The evidence is still visible across our physical landscape and in the character of the people you’ll meet here.

Visit Northumberland today and you’ll find beauty, peace and tranquillity in almost every little corner you visit. The most sparsely populated County in England, traffic you are most likely to encounter is of the woolly, four-legged variety, or at best, a tractor making the short journey from farm to field.

Whether you’re planning some vigorous, outdoor activity, a gentle walk on the beach or a cosy meal in a country pub, our local knowledge is a valuable tool to any journalist. We host press trips with a diverse range of requirements and we are happy to assist with all media enquiries where possible. Please contact the team for more information and how we can support your visit.

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Press Trips & Media Enquiries

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