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Northumberland College has opened a Career College for 14-19 year olds, opening initially for year 12 in September 2016. By 2019 the college will have a full intake over all four year groups. Career Colleges are being set up across the country to provide young people with the opportunity to combine their academic studies with a more practical vocational element. We have decided to focus on; Rural Tourism and Hospitality at Kirkley Hall; and Engineering and Construction at Ashington campus. We will be delivering Land based Rural Tourism from September 2016.

Northumberland Tourism are proud to be working alongside Northumberland College to ensure that the skills and knowledge these students gain match up with the needs of the local tourism industry.

Career Opportunities for learners could be…


•    Tour Guide

•    Chef
•    Bookings Assistant
•    Guest Services
•    Hotel Services
•    Visitor Attractions Worker/Manager
•    Events Manager
•    Roles within the National Trust
•    Roles within country parks such as a Ranger
•    Roles with Northumberland National Park

 Our over-arching goal is to ensure that every young person leaving a Career College will go onto further/higher education, an apprenticeship or indeed, work.
Employers are integral to the success of Career Colleges – and will be key in establishing a two-way street between education and work.

You are in a unique position to offer:
•    Real work scenarios and an industry focus.

•    Branded assurance to attract the best students.
•    ‘On the job’ project work with students.
•    Industry open days and master classes.
•    Help with designing the curriculum.
•    The development of employability skills for young people.
•    Guidance to prepare young people for work.
•    The ability to enthuse and excite young people, setting high aspirations and nurturing ambition.
•    Mentoring and coaching.

•    Quality work experience and employment opportunities.
•    Practical and realistic careers advice.
And you will gain:
•    Assurance of a skilled and motivated future workforce for key areas of your business.
•    A guarantee that students have followed programmes of study that fully meet the needs of your sector / business.
•    Opportunities for your own staff to develop through mentoring and coaching young people.

•    Partnerships with appropriate organisations to provide a fully outsourced ‘back office’ and all the necessary educational expertise and resources – allowing you to focus specifically on the skills and training needed to provide your business with work-ready employees.
•    All of the above, without needing to replicate any back office support systems or find new premises – Career Colleges are built around existing infrastructure, including support and inspection systems.

By specialising in a vocational area relevant to the local labour market, Career Colleges are helping

to engage employers and give young people the chance to start a high quality level 2 vocational course at 14. If they choose to stay in that vocational area, they will then be ready to progress to a higher level of vocational learning at 16. This could put them ahead by a whole two years.

In addition, Career College students are learning through real-world challenges set and supported by employers. Coupled with work experience – both pre- and post-16 – and other links with local businesses, they develop the wider employability skills which employers rate so highly.

If you would like to become involved please contact Helen Norris, Director 14-16 and Career College on 01670 841299 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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