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Web Development Proposal

Northumberland Tourism have selected Clicky Media as their digital strategy and website design and development partner for the year ahead, with the clear aim of updating the current approach to promoting online, including the modernisation and refreshing of the look and functionality of the current website.

Our website vision

Inspirational content on the right device at the right time inspiring the right audience to book

The Discovery Phase

icon PDF_big   - Chapters 1 & 2: Aims, Goals, Objectives, Teams and Considerations

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 3: Reporting

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 4: Audiences

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 5: Market Insights and Industry Trends

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 6: Competitor Analysis

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 7: Website Performance

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 8: Technical Audit

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 9: Digital Performance

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 10: Creative

icon PDF_big   - Chapter 11: Survey Results


icon ZIP_big   - Website Mockup Designs

Operational Updates

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